El Bulli Foundation, and Telefonica Digital present the first edition of the Gastronomy & Technology Days headed by Ferran AdriĆ  (El Bulli's chef), and Pablo Rodriguez (Telefonica Digital's Research Director) with the valuable sponsorship of Guia Repsol.

Gastronomy & Technology Days 2011 is the first edition of a future series of technology research, gastronomy, and social media congress that Telefonica Digital and El Bulli Foundation want to lead in the upcoming years. 

Leading researchers in the field of food, gastronomy, and nutrition will share the latest state of the art during the "thought for food" session. Haute cuisine chefs, bloggers, social media agents, and selected magazines will share their experiences during the "blog for food" session. "Out for food" session will complement the other two in masterclasses taught by well know chefs at CETT real cook school.

   The birth of this conference is the first of the consolidates resulting from the firm alliance amongst El Bulli Foundation and Telefonica Digital established early 2011 when Ferran AdriĆ  visited the Telefonica Digital R&D center in Barcelona headed by Pablo Rodriguez.

 Ferran's visit to Telefonica Digital R&D center in Barcelona lead by Pablo Rodriguez


   If you are a researcher, chef, journalist, or blogger in the field of food, nutrition, or gastronomy you are more than welcome to join by applying the registration form. "thought for food" and "blog for food" are open to anyone of his field. However, please note that the "out for food" and "social dinner" has a limitation in the number of attendants, therefore, the organization will send individual invitations in order to attend to the cook masterclasses and dinner. Please pre-book your tickets by registering here.

   A special mention is deserved to Eurobloggers, providing an essential contribution to the organization of the congress. As well as all the sponsors that have made this congress possible: