"thought for food" - Tuesday 18th

 "thought for food" is a session of the Gastronomy & Technology Days that will be held at Telefonica Digital's Barcelona premises during Tuesday 18th Oct. All attendants of the congress are invited bearing in mind that the talks are mainly focused in research areas of food, gastronomy, and nutrition, with a technology twist.

   The "thought for food" has been co-organized by Pablo Rodriguez (Telefonica Digital) and
Balachander Krishnamurthy (AT&T).

18 Oct 8:30 - Welcome by Pablo Rodriguez (Telefonica Digital Research Director) 

Pablo  Rodriguez is Research Director at Telefonica Digital. Previously,  he spent most of his professional career in the USA, and the UK working in some of the world-largest networking and software companies. In particular, Pablo Rodriguez has worked for Microsoft Research, Cambridge, and Bell Laboratories, NJ. He also lead several start-ups in the Silicon Valley, and he is an adjunct Professor at Columbia University, NY.

18 Oct 9:00 - Gastronomic Online Social Networks, Balachander Krishnamurthy (AT&T Research)

Bala's current topics of interest are Internet privacy, Online Social Networks, and Internet measurement. He has written and edited ten books and collaborated with over 75 researchers. His most recent book "Internet Measurements:
Infrastructure, Traffic and Applications" (525pp, Wiley, July 2006, with Mark
Crovella) is the first book focusing on Internet Measurement. His previous book 'Web Protocols and Practice: HTTP/1.1, Networking Protocols, Caching, and Traffic Measurement' (672 pp, Addison-Wesley, with Jennifer Rexford) is the first in-depth book on the technology underlying the World Wide Web, and has been translated into Portuguese, Japanese,  Russian, and Chinese.

18 Oct 9:00 - Shared Cooking and Shared Eating, K. O'Hara (Microsoft Research)

Kenton O’Hara is Senior Researcher in the Socio Digital Systems Group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. His research explores everyday practices and social behaviors relating to mobile and ubiquitous computing and digital displays in public spaces. Kenton has authored 60 publications and two books on public displays and collaborative music consumption. He has previously worked at CSIRO in Australia as Director of the HxI Initiative, HP Labs, Rank Xerox EuroPARC and the Appliance Studio. He has worked on numerous award-winning projects including the BBC’s BAFTA and Royal Television Society award winning “Coast” location based experience.process,  and analyze large amounts of data from a variety of sources.

18 Oct 9:00 Language as a platform for innovation: Lessons from elBulli, P. Opazo, R. Sangüesa (U. of Columbia, U. Politecnica of Catalonia)

Using elBulli as a case study, Pilar Opazo and Ramón Sangüesa will examine innovation as result of an organization's capacity to permanently redefine itself. The main purpose of the research is to identify the patterns of innovation production that foster an organization's capacity to systematically innovate and, furthermore, to generate breakthroughs of knowledge in its field.

ElBulli's history of success, they propose, calls for the exploration of ways in which the organization's experience can be used in other types of creative ventures, performed by organizations, social groups or larger collectivities.

18 Oct 10:30 - Keynote - Food, Innovation, and Intellectual Property Rights,  Johanna Blakley  (Managing Director and Director of Research at the Norman Lear Center)

Johanna Blakley is Managing Director and Director of Research at the Norman Lear Center, a research and public policy center that studies the social, political, economic and cultural impact of entertainment on the world.
In addition, Johanna Blakley is a  frequent guest lecturer at USC on media, entertainment, technology, cultural diplomacy and globalization. Helped develop the Masters Program in Public Diplomacy at the USC Annenberg School for Communication. And taught popular culture, Shakespeare, twentieth-century literature, and science fiction at UC Santa Barbara as a PhD in English

18 Oct 11:30 - Food Hacking and Food Genome,  M.Powell (Foodspotting)

 Foodspotting is a gastronomy network for food lovers with a strong social plane. It began in 2009 when cofounders Alexa Andrzejewski (Adaptive Path), Ted Grubb (Get Satisfaction) and Soraya Darabi (New York Times) realized that while there were many restaurant review apps, there was no easy way to find or rate specific dishes. Foodpotting was set out to create a new kind of local guide that is unique because:

Marc Powell,  will present the Foodspotting vision about food hacking and food genome.

18 Oct 11:30 - Ingredients., Flavours and Data Mining,  S.Ahnert/Y.Ahn (Cambridge U./Northern U.)

Sebastian Ahnert is Research Fellow of the Royal Society University in the Theory of Condensed Matter (TCM) group of the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge.

Yong-Yeol Ahn is Post-doctoral research associate of the Northeastern University, and Visiting Researcher of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, at the Harvard University.

Sebastian Anhert and Yan-Yeol will present the current work in the field of ingredients and flavours leveraging on data minig techniques

18 Oct 11:30 - Rating of Restaurants 2.0 What do reviews tell?, T. Roelleke, (Yahoo! Research)

Thomas Roelleke is Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London and will share with us the opportunities and challenges arising from review data in particular, and the "web of things/objects" in general

18 Oct 14:00 - Super Mario's  Mushrooms: the role of food in video games,  G. Sinclair (U. of Vancouver)

Gerry Sinclair is Executive Director of the Masters of Digital Media Program at the Centre for Digital Media, Great Northern Way Campus, Vancouver, British Columbia, and former  General Manager of MSN Canada
As advisor to the Canadian Videogames Awards, Gerry Sinclair has a deep understanding of the game arena, and will share the state of the art on food related games.

18 Oct 14:00 -  Food and Computer Science, P. Inverardi (Universita dell Áquila)

Paola Inverardi is professor at the Computer Science Department at University of L'Aquila. Her research interests are in the field of the application of formal techniques to the development of software systems.

18 Oct 16:00 Trends in Food and Technology, A. Van de Ven (Telefonica Digital)

Arianne Van de Ven is a strategist and trend consultant experienced in all aspects of branding: from product development to brand positioning, portfolio management, trend forecasting, communications strategies and advertising.

She is currently Global Trends Expert at Telefonica Digital, where she is responsible for creating a global trend programme to expose key stakeholders to leading edge thinking in order to develop new innovations.

18 Oct 16:00 Mobile Marketing with Food & Drinks, Magnus Jern (Golden Gekko)

Magnus Jen is Golden Gekko’s CEO, a leading mobile application solution provider in Europe and North America with more than 400 apps -including many of the world’s biggest brands- delivered in the last 12 months.
Why is mobile the perfect channel for brands and publishers to present their products, recipes and experiences? Case studies and examples from Arla Foods, Barilla, Bacardi, Sainsbury's, American Recipes, Bookatable, Absolut Vodka and more. What will the food and drinks experiences in mobile be in the future?